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Car hire terms and conditions

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  1. Driver’s age: Minimum 21 years old for credit card holders and 23 years old for non credit card holders, for car group A. For all other car Groups minimum drivers age 25 years old.
  2. Driver’s license:  A valid driving license issued at least a year ago
  3. Deposits: Deposits for estimated charges are required at the beginning of the rental (minimum €150,00 daily) for car group A. No deposit required for credit card holders, Honoured by PARGAHIRE. All other car groups cannot be rented on cash basis.
  4. Minimum rental: One day (24 hours). Every hour in excess (three at the most) is charged additionally with 1/5 of the daily rate. For over three hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.
  5. Gasoline: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter.
  6. Refuelling Service Charge: €7,00
  7. Traffic fines: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are solely the renter’s responsibility
  8. Insurance: Rental rates cover: a) For death or damage to third parties up to €1,170,000. b) Material damages to third parties (excluding the PARGAHIRE vehicle) up to €145,000. c) For fire to the PARGAHIRE vehicle. For damages to the rented car the renter is responsible for the entire market value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. In case of the theft of the rented car the renter is responsible for 50% of the market value of the car at the time of the theft.                                       Collision Damage Waiver  (CDW): The renter may control responsibility for legal participation in every collision damage as it is mentioned in paragraph 8, provided he/she signs the relevant terms mentioned on the rental agreement. The above terms will apply provided collision damages are not due to violations of the Greek Traffic Low. The renter may waive the above liability by purchasing the Full Damage Waiver insurance (FDW)The daily cost and the deductible amount of CDW insurance and the daily cost of FDW insurance for each car category are mentioned in the corresponding insurance table. The below mentioned are not covered by the CDW or the FDW insurance: mechanical and underneath the vehicles damages as well as damages on the tires, the wheel rims and the crystals.
  9. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Included at the price of rental. It covers the driver and the passenger for medical expenses of €8.800 and for loss of life or total/partial permanent disablement up to the amount of €8.800 for the driver and €880,00 for each passenger as well. Aggregate indemnity for each accident is limited to €44.000.
  10. Theft Protection Insurance (TPI): It’s an optional service which , if accepted, relieves the renter from all financial responsibility for loss or damage to the PARGAHIRE vehicle by or following theft, in line with the signed conditions of the rental agreement. TP daily cost is mentioned in the insurance table
  11. Additional driver charge: €2,50 daily
  12. Baby seats: Available upon request at the daily charge of €3,00
  13. Delivery/Collection: Free. Night deliveries/Collections (21.30 – 07.30) will incur an extra charge of €22
  14. Across the border rentals: Crossing the Greek borders with the PARGAHIRE  vehicle is prohibited without the prior written authorisation from PARGAHIRE.
  15. Carrying the PARGAHIRE car: An advance written authorisation from PARGAHIRE is required for carrying the PARGAHIRE car on a ferryboat , on a train or any other transfer.
  16. Road Assistance: Available 24 hours a day
  17. Taxes: a) All rates are subject to 19% V.A.T payable by the renter
  18. the cars in photos are for guidance only and may be substituted for an alternative, similar or upgraded car (at no extra cost)

Above terms and rates are subject t changes without notice.

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